The “Ford Model AA Truck Club” was formed in July of 1986 with a group of 24 AA’ers. The club founder, Bill Cilker, served as President from 1986 thought 1994. Neil Wilson served as President from 1995 though the present. Some of the club history follows:

1986 (July) – Bill Cilker of California took on the responsibility of the club. During his presidency, Bill sent out seven newsletters and held several club meetings at various MAFCA national meets.

1987 (October) – The club received a chapter charter from the “Model A Ford Club of America” (MAFCA).

1985 (January) – The club became a region of the “Model A Restorers Club” (MARC).

1995 – Club responsibility was transferred to Neil Wilson of Colorado. Starting in 1995, the yearly newsletter has been sent out in April of each year. There have been several club meetings at MAFCA and MARC national meets over the past years. See the Meetings page for information.

2004 – club member Mike Greene volunteered to develop and maintain the fmaatc.org website.

2011 – club member Dan Gambill volunteered to be the club meeting and products coordinator. Dan organizes and usually heads up Ford Model AA Truck Club meetings at national MARC and MAFCA meets.

2013 – The aafords.com site was developed as an extension of the fmaatc.org club site.

2014 – The club site (fmaatc.org) was overhauled by Neil Wilson to include more information. Click here to see current site contacts.

2015 – club member Dan Gambill resigned as the club meeting and products coordinator. His current job and other responsibilities were taking all of his time.

2017 – The AA Fords page was added to this club’s site to provide direct links to aafords.com.