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FMAATC.org is the official web site of the Ford Model AA Truck Club. This site is developed using WordPress with the Twenty Twelve theme. Releases are as follows:

Release 16 – 03/29/17:

3/2018 Added 2017 Double A’er cover and updated technical articles list on Newsletter page.

3/28/17 Updated plugins; Replaced twenty-twelve-child style.css with the aafords.com file to allow compatibility (including gallery class c2-c5); modified five or less image galleries to use class; modified all galleries to only display image headings on pop-ups (new release of WordPress or WP Canvas – Gallery resulted in full image captions displayed – not good). Updated Meetings page – added 2017 future meeting; added 2016 meetings text and galleries; added 2017 Double A’er Ron Avakian cover truck to Gallery page.

12/13/16 Added AA Fords page which provides links to AAFords.com high-level pages; added class=p70 and p60 for paragraphs to allow a 70 or 60 percent margin.

12/13/16 Eliminated all media sizes except full size and 150×150; ran Regenerate Thumbnails;  Modified functions.php to eliminate post-thumbnail (i.e. Feature Media) based on child functions.php comments; Updated to WordPress 4.7; updated plugins as needed; updated theme to 2012 version 2.2; re-did functions.php modification since the 2.2 version of 2012 replaced this file; uploaded an image and verified only full size and 150×150 were added to wp-content>uploads.

Release 15 – 10/8/16:

10/8/16 Updated to WordPress 4.6.1; updated plugins as needed; updated theme to 2012 version 2.1; added 2016 Double A’er cover and updated technical articles list; added Roger Gash gallery.

Release 14 – 2/24/16:

2/24/16 Added override to WP Canvas Gallery to comment out all media generation sizes (about 10); added override to theme function.php to comment out generation of featured image size; added Media File Manager and Regenerate Thumbnails plug-ins; cleaned uploads folder by eliminating all generated sizes except 150×150 thumbnail; created upload sub-folders and moved media to new folders; verified all galleys and page inserted images still worked; added site icon to browser tab.

Release 13 – 2/6/16:

2/6/16 Modified payment methods sequence; added 2015 meeting text and gallery; updated to WordPress 4.4.2; updated plugins as needed

12/28/15 Added/modified mail-in and on-line payment methods for renewals, new members, and newsletter CD orders. Updated to WordPress 4.4 and updated seven plug-ins.

11/15/15 Added 2016 meeting details; deleted club coordinator; eliminated printed newsletters availability; updated to WordPress 4.3.1; updated plugins as needed

Release 12 – 4/20/15:

2/24/15 Added Bud Valerius gallery; change links to 2015 roster and registry; updated five plugin to current versions

Release 11 – 2/24/15:

Revised borders and underscores to be less aggressive.

2/24/15 Updated the Meetings page to include text and galleries for the 2014 club meetings. Updated to WP 4.1.1; updated plugins:

Admin renamer extended 3.1; Contact Form 7 4.1; Content Aware Sidebars 2.6; Duplicator  0.5.12; Google Doc Embedder 2.5.19; iThemes Security 4.6.8; TinyMCE Advanced 4.1.7; Twitter Facebook Social Share 2.4.3; Who Hit The Page – Hit Counter  1.4.1; WordPress SEO; WP Canvas – Gallery 1.28

5/9/14 Updated new releases of two plugins. Updated to WordPress 3.9.1. Updated to standard child-Style.css.

4/28/14 Revised Home page Meta Description for Google search information displayed.

Release 10 – 4/27/14:

4/27/14 Updated new releases of two plugins.

4/26/14 Developed/added a header image for display on the home page only. Updated the child-Style.css to be used as the new standard.

4/25/14 Updated child-Style.css to the current standard.

4/24/14 Updated iThemes Security plugin.

Release 9 – 4/24/14:

4/23/14 Updated two plugins, cloned Style.css code from test “Google” site, added Google Language Translator plugin, updated/saved settings, put Language Box in child-header.php

4/22/14 Updated the child Style.css file (a clone from aafords)

Release 8 – 4/20/14:

4/20/14 Transfer of domain fmaatc.org completed. So, this release eliminated the use of fmaatc.aafords.com. Added Craig Landon and Richard Hershey galleries. Added image styling to Style.css with a class = normal for non-gallery photographs. Modified individual Store page photos to use class = normal. Added ctrl+f information to the Search page.

Release 7 – 4/18/14:

4/18/14 Added Don Carty and Dave Allder galleries.

4/17/14 Installed WordPress 3.9. Found the Visual editor was using html5 which deleted table styling. Added table styling to Style.css with a class = normal and modified page tables to used this class.

4/11/14 Installed Twitter Facebook Social Share plugin; added share bar/buttons to the bottom off each page. Disabled share buttons on email Contact pages.

Release 6 – 4/10/14 – This sixth release included the following:

Updated roster, registry, and membership form for 2014
Added email forms for President, VP, and Coordinator
Changed menu appearance

Release 5 – 3/2/2014 – This fifth release included the following:

Updated roster and registry for 2014
Added a Store page for Newsletter sets, T-Shirts, and CD’s
Changed hard coded footer links to use the “get_site_url” so that these links will not require manually updating when a new release is published. The code “<?php echo get_site_url(); ?>” replaced the site url in these links.

Release 4.1 – 2/10/2014 – Fixed hard coded links in page footer. Fixed Meeting > 2011 name spelling (Brian).

Release 4 – 2/3/2014 – This forth release included the following:

Added one gallery as an example.

Added meeting histories for 2011, 2012 and 2013

Corrected spelling and email addresses

Added links to all email addresses.

Release 3 – 1/16/2014 – This third release included the following:

Standardized all within site links to stay on the current tab. Links to other sites opens a new tab or window (dependent on how the viewer has their web browser set up).

Replaced the photo gallery plugin with the WordPress Canvas Gallery which allows the target photo size to be changed for each gallery (rather than only the full size photograph).

Made major changes to the Meetings and Gallery pages.

Release 2 – 1/5/2014 – This second release is a major overhaul of the site navigation, look and content. Additional information has been added.

This release includes main menu link colors as follows:

Black – Not the current page being viewed.
Green – The current page being viewed
Red – The link color when it is hovered over.
Gray – The link color when it is selected.

This release includes other link colors as follows:

Blue – An unvisited link (i.e. a link which has not been clicked for the site visit).
Red – The link color when it is hovered over.
Green – A visited link (i.e. a link which has been clicked for the site visit).
Gray – The link color when it is selected.

This release has added the following pages:

FMAATC Contacts (contact information for the club and site)
FMAATC Search (with an Alternative Search Words table)
FMAATC Links (list of FMAATC pages and links to other web site)
FMAATC About (this page)
FMAATC Gallery (a page for future photograph galleries)

This release has added the following links:

FMAATC Search (added under the main menu and page footers)
FMAATC Contact (added under the main menu and page footers)
FMAATC Links (added under the main menu and to page footers)
FMAATC Home Link (added to page footers)
FMAATC Gallery (added to the main menu)
FMAATC About (added under the main menu)

This release has added “To-Bottom” and “To-Top buttons on the right side of the pages.

Release 1 – This first release was designed, installed, and maintained by Mike Greene for many years. Thank you Mike for you support to the Ford Model AA Truck Club.