Ford Model AA Truck Club website. This is A club devoted to The Ford Model AA. The club is a MAFCA Chapter and a MARC Region.The focus of the Ford Model AA Truck Club is to provide a source of information about original Ford assembly line Model AA’s (cabs, cargo bodies, and chassis parts) so that collectors can identify and restore their AA trucks.

The Ford model AA’s were produced from December 1927 through February 1932 except the AA Standrive which was produced through July 1932. The initial AA chassis had a 131-1/2” wheel base. Starting in mid 1930 Ford also offered a 157” AA wheel base chassis. A 112” AA wheel base, Standrive, chassis was introduced in August 1931. These three chassis are some times referenced as AA131, AA157, and AA112.

The term “Ford Model AA” resulted because Ford assigned an “AA” prefix to any part numbers (both chassis and body parts) which were unique to the 1-1/2 ton Ford commercial chassis (i.e. parts not used on the Ford passenger or commercial “A” chassis)